My Wild Life

I'm drawn to the mystery and unknown in nature, which is why I've spent my entire career studying animals we've known nothing or very little about in the most remote and unexplored places. 


"The possibility of new discovery and challenges of new terrain are what drive me." 

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Expedition Bigfoot: Season 3

Premieres Sunday, March 20 on Travel Channel


In ‘Expedition Bigfoot’, a team of four diligent, skilled, and hardy researchers search for the evasive bigfoot — a creature from folklore that has reportedly been sighted by several people. In fact, in modern times, there are reportedly over 10,000 encounters with this beast, only in the United States and around a third of these sightings are from the Pacific Northwest. Although the reports are many, nobody has been able to actually locate this entity and neither has anyone successfully captured actual evidence regarding its existence.


Survived poisonous insect bites

Global Champion of the Wild

Dr. Mayor’s adventures have taken her armed with little more than a backpack, notebooks, and hiking boots to some of the wildest and most remote places on earth. 


On expedition in Madagascar, Mayor co-discovered a rare new species of mouse lemur, believed to be the world’s smallest primate. Her discovery inspired the prime minister of Madagascar to establish a national park to help protect the new species, conserving the 10 percent that remains of the African island nation’s once vast forest.


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Pink Boots and a Machete

Pink Boots and a Machete tells the unlikely story of a first-generation Cuban-American girlie girl who forges her way from her über-protected suburban upbringing to NFL cheerleader to death-defying adventures around the globe.

With plenty of field studies under her belt, Mayor vividly details her own backstory and relives her most thrilling adventures. Whether she is diving with sharks or standing down a gorilla, this compelling and often hilarious memoir reveals her relentless determination, indomitable spirit, and above all, fierce love of animals.

Not many former NFL cheerleaders have survived a plane crash, slept in jungles teeming with poisonous snakes, swam with hungry great white sharks, rappelled down a 14,000-foot sinkhole in search of frogs, and been charged by an angry silver-backed gorilla.


But then, Mireya Mayor is not your typical ex-NFL cheerleader.

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