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Inspiring People to care more about the Planet through Science

Making an Impact Now

As director of the Exploration and Science Communications at FIU, Dr. Mayor is a model for dynamic storytellers who engage and inspire, by changing the way scientists talk about science.

Her goal is to engage the public on the vital role that science plays in understanding and tackling the critical issues and challenges of our time.


Inspiring the Next Generation

Dr. Mayor works with youth and the aspiring STEM audience to help form the next generation of scientists and caretakers. 

In collaboration with National Geographic, students learn how a growing demand for natural resources threatens habitats and wildlife. They select an issue to focus on and develop a list of actions people could take to reduce or reverse the problem.


As author of books, publications and journals, Dr. Mayor has written extensively about the plight of endangered animals.  Through travels where most others will never get to see, she brings a unique behind-the-scene perspective on the fragile and beautiful relationship of our planet, resources and animal kingdom.


Awards and Accolades

Explorers Club Fellow

IIE Global Fulbright Changemaker 

SUNY Top 40 Under 40 

Fulbright Scholar

National Science Foundation Fellow

Emmy Award-nominated wildlife correspondent for the National Geographic Channel

Discovery of new species of mouse lemur (Microcebus mittermieri) - Madagascar

Want to book Dr. Mayor?

  • Keynote Engagements

  • Educational Lectures

  • STEM Presentations

  • TV Host and Presenter

Reach out for more information on having Dr. Mayor inspire and engage your audience.

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